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  Successful Small Business Systems  

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, everyone requires a computer system that will keep up with the tasks of the business. If the system can’t keep up with the business, this can be a source of stress and frustration.

It is important for businesses, no matter what size, to not have a set and forget mindset when it comes to their file or email system. There are always improvements (even if only slight) that can be made no matter what the current setup is, to further improve productivity.

Successful computer systems don’t have to be complex but they should be well maintained, to ensure they are reliable and secure. They should also be reviewed routinely to ensure they are still relevant to the businesses processes.

A system which is neglected can be detrimental to the productivity of the business, and it is our job at TechTidy to expose these systems and help business owners discover better ways of being productive.

We realise that so many businesses are looking for mobility within their team, features such as those offered by Dropbox Business, allow for this to happen seamlessly and cater for the increase in people working from offsite and from home.

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TechTidy offers an introductory audit of your current system to identify and address any weaknesses in your small business IT system.