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Providing ongoing IT support for small business in Brisbane and throughout Australia. We will keep you’re business IT operating efficiently. Call 1300 111 233 to get started today.

One-stop Small Business IT Support

At TechTidy Consulting, we specialise in small business IT Support. We work with you to provide a tailor-made solution to suit your businesses needs. We provide a number of different IT support services including onsite support, remote support, help desk enquiries and more. We use the latest technology and systems to ensure your business is able to overcome any hurdle, keeping your business up and running.

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What Small Business IT Support Do You Provide?


Small Business Onsite Support

Our team of qualified technicians provide specialist onsite support to keep your small business running smoothly. From repairs and installations to training and configuring new systems, the TechTidy Consulting team is here to help.

Help Desk Support

Have a question that you just can’t answer? Want a quick over the phone fix? Our team of trained professionals can provide support over the phone to get you back up and running in minutes, not days and weeks.


Small Business Data Recovery

There’s nothing worse than losing all of your data due to a faulty harddrive or misclick. At TechTidy Consulting, we use the latest recovery tools and technology to recover your data, and get you back to business. Get your business back up and running again with emergency data recovery.

Computer Hardware Installations

Need someone to install and set up a new workstation? Looking to upgrade that outdated fleet of laptops? The team at TechTidy Consulting have the knowledge to design, develop and install a solution that suits your business’ needs. From complex server infrastructure to new computers, our technicians are here to help.

Security Services

Do you worry about data breaches and hacks? Have you wondered what would happen to your business if it was attacked? Our expert security support will ensure that your business has suitable security solutions in place to protect your data and protect your business. Our security services include; data backups, identification of threats and threat containment.

Software Supply & Installation

Do you need help with your printers and office equipment? Do you have computers which aren’t connected to others? We can provide software for printers, office machines, servers, workstations and more. Being based in Brisbane means that we can get your servers and PC’s installed and ready to use quickly.

Small Business Maintenance

Most IT problems don’t suddenly appear, but instead creep up over time. Quick fixes in IT can get to the point where they no longer work, causing unexpected costs on infrastructure breakdowns! Regular maintenance and servicing of your equipment and systems will discover the problems before they become a major problem for your business. Work with confidence knowing that your systems are working at the highest levels, keeping your small business running efficiently.

Small Business Remote Support

Have your emails, desktops, backups and recoveries all handled remotely. Enjoy the advantages of fast support times and low costs with our unobtrusive, remote small business IT support services. With little to no downtime, our team use a suite of powerful remote assistance tools, to keep your business running, without the need of an additional person on site. We can even perform remote support and maintenance outside of business hours, to avoid interruption to your business.

Emergency Support

Looking for urgent or emergency small business IT support? Call us on 1300 111 233 to get your business up and running again with a speedy response time and competitive pricing.

Why Choose TechTidy Consulting For Managed IT Services in Brisbane?

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Brisbane Based Managed IT

TechTidy Consulting is a Brisbane based IT provider with years of experience. Our clients tell us that our speedy response and friendly, helpful support is vital to their business.
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Small Business Specialists

TechTidy Consulting specialises in IT services for small business throughout Brisbane and Australia. We will use technology to strengthen your business, while keeping costs low.
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Personalised & Friendly

We understand that every business is different. That’s why we work with you to develop a tailor made solution for your business. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all product or approach.
With a focus on building long-term customer relationships, TechTidy Consulting can be relied upon to keep your IT systems up and running.

Small Business IT Support FAQ’s

What should I look for when choosing Small Business IT Support Brisbane?
When choosing small business IT support, you should always look for:

  • Experience.

    Your provider should be small business experts with years of technical experience & knowledge.

  • Upfront pricing.

    You should know how much you’re going to pay for IT support to keep your costs low and predictable.

  • Remote support.

    Get quick support when you need it over the phone or via remote desktop services.

  • Onsite support.

    If you have dedicated hardware such as servers or other technical equipment, onsite support is a must.

  • 24/7 monitoring.

    Ensure your business is always up and running and catch issues before they become a problem with 24/7 monitoring.

  • Friendly team.

    We know your business is important. Our friendly team will ensure that you’re getting the best support possible, when you need it.

How quickly can I get support for my Brisbane small business?
Immediately! Call us on 1300 111 233 to get emergency support today or begin our IT assessment process and we will develop a support solution for your small business.
Is it easy to change IT support providers?
Absolutely! Changing IT providers can seem scary, but our personal and friendly team take care of everything. We can get started straight away on a personalised IT support plan for your small business.
Do you provide 24/7 support and remote support?
Yes, we provide 24/7 support to get your business back up and running when you need it most. We provide over the phone support, remote desktop control service and in person call outs, to effectively manage all of your support needs 24/7.
Can I call for IT support or do I have to fill out an online form?

Absolutely! Call us on 1300 111 233 to get support right away or begin our IT Audit process where we will develop a support solution for your business.

Do you monitor my small business network?
If you need us to! We listen to what you need and take a look at your small business network. If it requires 24/7 monitoring, we will put monitoring in place to ensure you’re always running at your best.
What security services do you provide?
Security is a concern for all businesses, without active threat protection you’re potentially leaving your data exposed to the public.

To us security isn’t just anti-virus, security needs to be layered to provide effective protection.

Some of these layers of security can include:

  • A business grade Internet router/firewall with an up to date security subscription.
  • Centrally managed anti-virus protection and network monitoring.
  • A well maintained computer system that is kept up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Mobile device protection.
  • Hard drive encryption to protect against data theft.
  • Active website monitoring for threats.
  • SSL/TLS encrypted website and email transmission.
  • We recommend products developed and tested for business use with a suite of security features working 24/7 to block threats such as ransomware and viruses

As part of our managed service, we actively monitor the router, anti-virus, anti-spam and server systems to ensure there are no threats and most importantly to make sure the entire business system is successfully being backed up regularly – both onsite and offsite.

All new customers are provided with a complete security audit. This ensures peace of mind for you and your team. We will address any issues with your current system before they create a problem for your business.

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Contact TechTidy Consulting on 1300 111 233 to discover how our managed IT Services can improve your productivity and keep your IT costs low and predictable.