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  Microsoft Office 365 for Small Business  

Even though Microsoft Exchange has been around since 1996 , we find a lot of customers come to us with Gmail POP/IMAP accounts, free email accounts that they’ve setup through their web hosting company or free email accounts they’ve received from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Bigpond and Optus.

While these accounts do serve a purpose and allow emails to be sent and received, they don’t allow for much more than this. Most have small mailbox limits and organisation of folders can get out of hand quickly when multiple devices are introduced.

When we start to look at email as a business tool, and customers are using POP or IMAP accounts, the set of features is very limited.

Microsoft Exchange became increasingly popular in 2004 with the introduction of ActiveSync support for mobile devices. The current version of Microsoft’s email system is Microsoft Exchange 2019 and this is what runs the email component of Microsoft’s Office 365 packages.

Everything in business is mobile, and the biggest advantage over other systems is that Microsoft Exchange allows each person to have their email, calendar, contacts, notes and reminders all in sync on all devices, 24/7.

Main benefits of using Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 for business email:

  • Ability to use your own domain (
  • Unlimited mailbox size.
  • Unlimited mailboxes.
  • Unlimited aliases, distribution groups and forwarding.
  • Ability to see other people’s status – such as away, busy, available.
  • Ability to share mail folders, contacts, calendars between your team.
  • Webmail access.
  • Anti-spam filtering.
  • Synchronised email, calendar, contacts, notes and reminders across all devices.
  • Out of office assistant.

Microsoft Exchange is what TechTidy recommends for all customers.

If you’re not using Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 for email please speak to us today.