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  As a small business what would you consider a disaster?  


  • Losing access to all of your company files due to a virus or corruption?
  • Losing access to your email system?
  • Losing access to your PC?
  • Losing all Internet connectivity for your business?

What IF one of these was to happen? Have you thought of what it would be like?

What is being done or is in place to prevent this from happening? Is there any redundancy setup? Is there a disaster recovery plan?

Are you confident that someone is looking after your systems for you? Do you get notified if there is a problem?

Is your current IT team pro-active? or do you have to engage them every time there is a problem? This is usually a sign that things aren’t being maintained.

If you’re unsure about any of the above, speak with us at TechTidy today and we will work together with you to address these points and more.

We can perform an audit to identify any weaknesses in the current system, suggest changes that can be made to not only protect your business but also provide you with better insight into how things piece together along with monitoring and alerting of all these processes.

A lot of business owners assume everything is being taken care of until the worst happens. With our practices in place you will have the confidence that everything is being looked after.

Speak to TechTidy today.