Small Business Mobility

We provide services to address the requirement of small businesses needing to collaborate and have access to company data from wherever they are, from whatever device they have with them – in a secure and convenient manner.

Long gone are the days of transferring files to a USB key to work on these away from the office.

We provide a range of solutions which we can be tailored to your small business.

We can offer:

  • A centralised file management system with file/folder/user based security, full event tracking and offsite backup.
  • VPN setup and management for remote access to the company network.
  • Firewall management.
  • Setup of online real-time collaboration so that staff can work more efficiently as a team.
  • Setup & configuration of small business apps for productivity and collaboration.
  • Management and health monitoring of all company devices no matter where they are.
  • Optimised mobile device connections via wireless.