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Get the most out of your IT systems with an audit of your IT environment.

In Depth IT Audit For Your Business

Not sure what support plan is right for you?

Let our professionals assess your existing IT system, review your goals and provide suggestions on how to best add value to your business. With years of experience, our professional IT consulting team have the knowledge to recommend or develop a solution to your business IT needs.

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Our Audit Process

  • 1. Ascertain Your Goals

    Looking for a simple email system, fixed rate support or a fully managed cloud solution? We meet with you to discuss your business goals and existing IT services.

  • 2. Perform A System Audit

    We look at how your existing systems can be used or improved to achieve your goals. We also look at ways to improve your internal IT practices, improving your productivity and security.

  • 3. Provide Solutions

    We use the information we’ve gathered to create a roadmap for your systems and implement IT support solutions tailored for your business.

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When performing aN IT AUDIT, we look at:


Internal Practices

What are your current internal practices and how can they be streamlined to more effectively run your business? Are your backup and storage practices safely and securely handling your client’s data? Is your maintenance schedule up to scratch?

Critical Issues

Do any of your systems require critical support? We look to ensure none of your systems are severely hindering your key business activities. Get immediate assistance for issues that impact your business’ success.

Security & Backups

Is your data being managed in a secure and efficient manner? If your email server failed or a natural disaster hit, do you have redundancy plans? Is your antivirus software keeping your data safe? We look at how to make your data more secure and backed up.



Is your hardware up to date and substantial enough to effectively handle your day-to-day business? Are they being maintained regularly and to a satisfactory standard? Would a virtual cloud solution be more cost effective?

Cost Reduction Strategies

Are you paying for services and hardware you don’t need? Could you save money on IT breakdowns with a regular maintenance schedule or fixed price package? We look at how to minimise your IT support costs and improve your productivity.


Technology Plan

We review your technology plan and find ways to improve your roadmap. Don’t have a technology plan? We can create one and show you how we can use technology to grow and strengthen your business!

How Do You Improve Business Efficiency After The IT AUDIT?

Our analysis of your IT system will allow us to see where the bottlenecks are that are preventing your technology from keeping up with your business.

Are you using an outdated software package? Is your computer/server hardware in need of an upgrade? Our assessment means that we can diagnose and resolve these issues.

We are able to provide small tweaks or a complete overhaul of your IT setup, depending on the current state of your systems.

Our most common small business services relating to a speed improvement include:

  • Server and workstation optimisation
  • Cloud based file storage system for faster access to company data from offsite
  • Anti-virus performance tweaking
  • Upgrade for server, computer and network hardware
  • Internet and router upgrade
  • Wireless and wired network optimisation

Why Choose TechTidy Consulting For Managed IT Services in Brisbane?

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Brisbane Based Managed IT

TechTidy Consulting is a Brisbane based IT provider with years of experience. Our clients tell us that our speedy response and friendly, helpful support is vital to their business.
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Small Business Specialists

TechTidy Consulting specialises in IT services for small business throughout Brisbane and Australia. We will use technology to strengthen your business, while keeping costs low.
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Personalised & Friendly

We understand that every business is different. That’s why we work with you to develop a tailor made solution for your business. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all product or approach.
With a focus on building long-term customer relationships, TechTidy Consulting can be relied upon to keep your IT systems up and running.


What is covered in my IT audit?

We look at a number of different parts of your business to deliver personalised IT Support recommendations. These include: Your internal IT practices, your business hardware, any critical IT issues, your security & backup systems, your technology plan and effective cost reduction strategies.

How soon can you complete an IT audit for my business?

ASAP. Once we receive your enquiry, we begin our IT audit process. Our very first step: Talking with you to find out what your needs and goals are. That initial conversation shapes how we look at your business and develop a personalised support solution.

How long does an IT audit take?

Our IT audit process depends upon the complexity of your system and what your needs are.

What isn’t covered in my IT Audit?

Work performed to resolve issues/shortfalls highlighted in the assessment.


Contact TechTidy Consulting on 1300 111 233 for an IT Audit and find out how our business specialists can improve your IT systems.