Dropbox Business Setup Elite Partner

As a Dropbox Elite Partner we can setup and support Dropbox Business for your small business, building up a data ecosystem that will enforce good practices among your team and promote collaboration.

What are the benefits of Dropbox Business synchronisation?

Dropbox Business synchronisation allows small businesses to sync all files and data across a team of users, and enable secure access from any computer at the office, at home or from a mobile phone. This allows team members to access the same files throughout the network without having to pass around USBs or hard drives. Plus, file synchronisation means that more than one team member can work on a file at once, boosting creativity and productivity.

An added advantage of using Dropbox Business is that your system itself will be faster with freed up hard drive space. Dropbox offers five terabytes of storage from the get-go, with the option of unlimited capacity available at your fingertips.

How does Dropbox Business work with other software?

Dropbox has taken file synchronisation to the next level by integrating other cloud services that firms may use. Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, and the full Microsoft suite can now be integrated with Dropbox and shared among your team members. These final documents, or entire asset folders, can also be easily shared with clients through the app without pushing to email first.

Speaking of integration, the file system on Dropbox Business now connects to Trello and other task management systems (goodbye email forever). Dropbox Business also connects to discussion applications like Slack and Zoom, allowing remote workers to use all the features just like they would in the office.

Is Dropbox Business secure?

Naturally, after touching on the dangers of viruses and why you need a firewall, you should regard any online service as suspect to the same flaws as any network.

The big difference that Dropbox Business brings to the security game is how it handles data. Dropbox spreads your files over its world-wide network of twenty-two sites to ensure that it is not collated or exposed in any one location. It is further protected with data encryption and application-level controls.

Besides, storing the files off-site will double as a backup solution and prevent uncorrectable data loss. Dropbox will back up every version of your files as they are uploaded to the cloud and allow you to sync up older files if needed.

Lastly, If a laptop or mobile phone is lost or stolen, security admins can remotely wipe the drive and disconnect it from the Dropbox platform. Protecting your files and giving you peace of mind.

Dropbox Business is a fantastic tool that can boost the productivity, security, and creativity of a firm. And once you use it, you won’t know how you survived without it.

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