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Improve your data security, access your data anywhere in the world and reduce costs with cloud computing based in Brisbane.

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  • Do you want the freedom to work and access your data from anywhere in the world?
  • Thinking of growing your business and seeking a solution that scales with you, at a low cost?
  • Need to improve your data security?

Do you want the freedom to work and access your data from anywhere in the world?

Did you know that we can move all of your computing online, allowing you and your employees to work from virtually any location, 24 hours a day? We can add more users to your virtual office as required, at a predictable cost, that doesn’t include purchasing and maintaining expensive infrastructure. Whether you experience a power failure, a natural disaster or just accidentally delete some important files, you can be stress free knowing that your data is backed up in a secure and safe location at all times.

At TechTidy Consulting, we’re small business IT specialists. Take advantage of cloud computing for your business and compete with larger companies at a much lower cost, when compared to physical infrastructure. Cloud services are the best way to scale your business and provide a flexible working environment for your employees.

Everything is managed by us at an affordable and predictable rate.

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We Provide the Following Cloud Services:

  • Virtual desktops
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Data storage
  • Full event tracking
  • Firewall policies & implementation
  • Real time team collaboration setup
  • Backup & restoration services
  • Microsoft 365 integration

Cloud Computing Benefits For Your Business


Data Backups

Keep your work safe with regular backups. With cloud services, you don’t need to worry about hard drive failures or accidental data deletion.


Easily add new users and services as you need. With no lock in contracts, your cloud services grow and scale with your business.

Flexible Solutions

We work with you to create a tailored solution for your businesses needs. From Office 365 to full desktop virtualisation, we have a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Anywhere, Anytime IT Services

Enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Access your data when and where you need it.

Lower Your IT Costs

Reduce spending with little upfront costs and a predictable ongoing rate. No need to purchase and maintain costly infrastructure, hire internal IT personnel or experience unplanned downtime. Our cloud based services will deliver everything you need at a much lower cost than setting up your own infrastructure.


Improved Security

Keep your data secure with high quality and constantly monitored data-centers. We ensure your sensitive data is secure and accessible only to you.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the on demand delivery of computing services. These services are usually delivered via the internet and cover a wide range of services, from business specific applications to storage facilities. To save costs while ensuring that all business functions are readily available, businesses are opting to use cloud computing. One of the major benefits is that companies can avoid the necessity of investing in their own IT infrastructure and instead just pay for what they use.

There is also a benefit in terms of economies of scale as a single provider can deliver the same service to a broad range of customers, at a great price.

Many popular applications have now switched to delivering their product as an internet based
service rather than a stand alone product. The application developers are benefiting from the ongoing subscription fees and the user benefits by always having the latest version of the application at their fingertips. As an example, the most popular accounting software available is delivered as a cloud computing service. The user benefits from this by having any changes in taxation law or government requirements being made available in the software without any necessity for updates or downtime. Notifications of changes are also shown to users as they use the software, keeping them in the loop and providing a value added service.

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Why Choose TechTidy Consulting For Managed IT Services in Brisbane?

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Brisbane Based Managed IT

TechTidy Consulting is a Brisbane based IT provider with years of experience. Our clients tell us that our speedy response and friendly, helpful support is vital to their business.
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Small Business Specialists

TechTidy Consulting specialises in IT services for small business throughout Brisbane and Australia. We will use technology to strengthen your business, while keeping costs low.
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Personalised & Friendly

We understand that every business is different. That’s why we work with you to develop a tailor made solution for your business. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all product or approach.
With a focus on building long-term customer relationships, TechTidy Consulting can be relied upon to keep your IT systems up and running.

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